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          Team Management Talent Recruitment

          Welcome you to join in the Sincentury logistics! 
          E-mail: zhengyonghui@sino-pak.com

          International courier clerk 
          International aviation clerk 
          International shipping clerk 
          Domestic land sales 

          Sex: Open 
          Job Number :1-5 
           :23-40-year-old age requirement 
           Employment Type: Full-time 
           Deadline :2014- 
           Education: high school 
          Salary: 1800-5000 
          Work Experience: 
          Location: Chengdu, Sichuan 

          Job Description 
          1, is responsible for items Lanshou Chengdu region; 
          2, perform operational processes, punctual Lanshou international express mail items, fill in the relevant information to guidecustomers and timely retrieval; 
          3, organize and present relevant business documents and data; 
          4, maintenance, customer feedback handling customer inquiries and comments; 

          1, high school and higher education; 
          2, familiar with the local terrain, has the industry experience is preferred; 
          3, hard-working, good character, work carefully seriously; 
          4, healthy, no bad habits. 
          5, Working hours: 9; 00-18; 00

          Web site:www.stamonicappc.com