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          Fear of criminal prosecution! A number of freight forwarders were severely fined, but they were related to WeChat Moments advertisements2022-08-01

          It is reported that in the past month, a number of South China freight forwarding…[ Details ]

          Lufthansa ground staff ends strike, European transfers affected2022-08-01

          Deutsche Lufthansa&#39;s ground staff are reported to have gone on strike to dema…[ Details ]

          Chengdu Shuangliu began to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil! Southwest China's first cargo route connecting South America opens2022-06-17

          CNR Chengdu, May 13, Chengdu-Madrid-Sao Paulo International Freight Route, one of…[ Details ]

          Indonesia Tax ID Number Indonesia Tax ID-NPWP2022-06-17

          The Indonesian taxpayer identification number must be provided for the declaratio…[ Details ]

          About Africa-Egypt (Egypt) destination customs law No. 207 related content reminder2022-06-17

          About Africa-Egypt (Egypt) destination customs law No. 207 related content remind…[ Details ]

          More flights are canceled, shipments will be delayed, and the diversion of goods from Shanghai may drive up freight rates2022-03-31

          As with ocean freight, cargo transfers from PVG are expected, but not without fur…[ Details ]

          The customs vigorously strengthened the supervision of import and export of dangerous goods, and successively seized several violations of export lithium batteries2022-03-31

          Zhang Jiazhen, director of Huangpu Customs Inspection Office, said: &quot;Safe pr…[ Details ]

          Air cargo has ushered in its peak business in the past 18 months2021-12-13

          Driven by the growth of e-commerce B2C and B2B business and increased consumer de…[ Details ]

          The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development report shows-global trade growth momentum is strong2021-12-13

          Recently, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) release…[ Details ]

          China cracks down on smuggling with "zero tolerance" high pressure postur2021-12-13

          China cracks down on smuggling with &quot;zero tolerance&quot; high pressure post…[ Details ]

          Transport Topics" announced the list of the top 50 global freight forwarders in 20212021-12-13

          全球貨代50強——海運榜Top 50 Global Freight Forwarders-Shipping List全球貨代50強—…[ Details ]

          Amazon is preparing to surpass UPS and FedEx next year to become the largest express service provider in the United States2021-12-13

          Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon&#39;s global consumer business, said in an interview a …[ Details ]

          32 countries cancel GSP treatment for China2021-12-13

          Starting from December 1, China’s exports to 32 countries including EU member st…[ Details ]

          The low cost advantage of ocean freight is weakened, and the price of air freight soars by 5-6 times2021-12-13

          The low-cost advantage of ocean freight has been weakened, a large number of airc…[ Details ]

          The AB side of the foreign trade industry: the order volume has doubled, the freight rate is high and the shipment is difficult2021-09-09

          “I’m a bit busy right now. The customer is inspecting the goods. I will talk to…[ Details ]

          Increased delays in China-Europe Express trains2021-09-09

          NSR stated that the railway construction work in Hamburg will continue until Sept…[ Details ]

          Introduction to European Value-Added Tax (VAT) and the impact of tax reform2021-09-09

          ller is still the owner of the goods. Although he does not need to pay taxes hims…[ Details ]

          In the first eight months of this year, my country’s imports and exports increased by 23.7% year-on-year2021-09-09

          [ Details ]

          Sichuan exported 205.81 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products in the first half of the year, an increase of 19.9%2021-08-02

          Sichuan exported 205.81 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products in the…[ Details ]

          Overwhelming Guangzhou and Shenzhen, promoted to aviation "third city"! Why is Chengdu?2021-08-02

          On June 27th, with the three base airlines of Air China, China Eastern Airlines a…[ Details ]