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          Starting from April 15th, FedEx will make the following adjustments to the surcharges



          Additional service fee

          Starting from April 15, 2024, FedEx will charge an additional service fee for each eligible package (rather than each shipment) within a single international shipment of multiple items.

          Any package that meets the following criteria will be charged an additional service fee:


          1) The maximum side length of the package exceeds 121 centimeters;

          2) The second largest side length of the package exceeds 76 centimeters; perhaps

          3) The length and circumference are greater than 266 centimeters (length+width x2+height x2).


          1) The actual weight is greater than 31 kg.


          1) Not completely wrapped in the express box;

          2) Wrapped in a non corrugated cardboard express box, the corrugated cardboard materials include but are not limited to metal, wood, canvas, leather, hard plastic, soft plastic or foam plastic;

          3) Wrap the express box with stretch and shrink film;

          4) Mail circular or cylindrical items, including but not limited to tubular items, can items, barrels, rollers, tires, drums or buckets;

          5) Packaging is bundled with metal, plastic, or cloth strips; Or package containing wheels, casters, handles or ropes (such as bicycles) (including loose or protruding packages on the outer surface); or

          6) May cause entanglement, damage to other packages or FedEx sorting systems.

          FedEx reserves the right to charge additional handling fees for packages that require special handling or require additional packaging during transportation.

          If a package meets the standards for 2 or all 3 additional service fees (size, weight, and packaging), the higher shall prevail.

          The appearance and size of the package may change during transportation, which may affect the collection of additional fees for the shipment. If the size changes during transportation, FedEx may make appropriate adjustments to the cost of the shipment at any time.