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          FedEx has resumed International Economic Express Service (IE)



          Starting from May 2, 2023, FedEx Express has resumed FedEx's international economic services. FedEx International Economic Services includes FedEx International Economic Express Services ?、 FedEx International Economic Express ? Heavy Duty Service and FedEx International Economic Express ? Delivery and delivery services.


          What is the difference between FedEx IE and IP?

          The difference between the two lies in timeliness and price, with FedEx IP having fast timeliness and high price; FedEx IE has slow efficiency and low price.

          FedEx IP refers to International Priority Freigh, which is relatively fast and priced higher than regular services.

          FedEx IE refers to FedEx International Economy, which has a slower delivery time compared to FedEx IP and is the cheapest operating method in FedEx international express delivery.


          The reason why FedEx IP is faster than FedEx IE is:

          1. The price of FedEx IP is relatively high. When goods enter the FedEx transit warehouse at the same time, FedEx will prioritize arranging flights with FedEx IP services. When flights are not tight, there is basically no difference between IE services and IP services in arranging flights. However, when flights are slightly tight, IP services can arrange flights faster than IE services.

          2. In terms of delivery: FedEx IP services have the right to priority delivery, and under the same circumstances, IP goods will be loaded and delivered first.