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          What do consistent and notify party mean in the waybill


          In the waybill, both consignee and notify party are important information, but they represent different roles, with the following differences:


          Definition: The consignee refers to the ultimate recipient of the goods, who owns the ownership of the goods and has the right to receive them.

          Role: The consignee is usually the ultimate consumer who purchases the goods, or the enterprise that receives the goods in trade transactions.

          Importance: Consignee's information is crucial as the shipping company needs to deliver the goods to the designated consignee.

          Notify Party:

          Definition: The notifier refers to the person who needs to be notified after the goods arrive at the destination. They do not have ownership of the goods, but they need to know that the goods have arrived.

          Role: The notifier is usually:

          Trade agent: responsible for customs clearance and other matters related to goods.

          Shipowner: Even if the goods are not directly delivered to the shipowner, the shipowner still needs to know the arrival information of the goods.

          Other related parties: Any party who needs to know the status of the goods.

          Importance: The notifier is an important link in the transportation company's information transmission of goods, which can help smooth customs clearance or subsequent operations of the goods.

          In summary, Consignee and Notify Party are important information in the waybill, representing the ultimate recipient of the goods and the person who needs to be notified, respectively, playing their respective roles in the logistics process.